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I am passionate about color; I want to paint and create art. To expand and explore the creative waves of inspirations that hit me. To dive deep in the ocean of life, hoping to bring you back some of the hidden treasure I find. And display them for all to see.

I feel like everything I do as an artist is leading up to something wonderful that I don't yet see, and this excites me!   – I am on an adventure! 

Unique expressions. Anne Olaug paints with strong brushstrokes, rough texture and the use of a vivid color palette.

Giclée | Digital Art

Fine art prints made with care. Limited Edition, signed and numbered by the artist. Printed using high quality paper from Canson, Hahnemühle or Epson.

Giclée [zhee-KLAY] is french, meaning “to spray” or “to squirt”, refering to the ink sprayed onto the paper.  

Aquarelle | Art by Anne Olaug

The Watercolor technique is a lovely artform that involves pigment, binder and lots of water. Often painted on cotton paper, this technique has such an organic feel to it. There is nothing quite like it among all the different painting techniques that exsist.

The paints being transparent makes Light a prominent component. This is a lovley way to explore color, and to learn more about color mixing. It also demands an openess and readiness of the artist. The water is one of the main ingredients and is not easily controlled. Perhaps this is where we get the expression: «Go with the flow!» 

«There is nothing more truly
artistic than to love people.»

Vincent van Gogh


I believe Art is important. To understand its true meaning and function, it's especially important to see it through a new lense. I want to see Art come into its godgiven purpose. I want to help bring Art and the Artist into their true potential.

If you would like to support me on this mission, there are a few different ways you can support me: 1. Buy my art, 2. subscribe to my YouTube channel, 3. pray for me, 4. buy me a «coffee», or 5. send me a message!  

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Hearing from you is vital, it helps me understand who I am talking to, and who connects with my work. Life is about relationships. 

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Exploring Faith + Creativity.  I share about my process and work to inspire and equip the Saints.

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This is my job. A lot of my work I volunteer and share for free. Therefor, if you enjoy it, I am asking you to consider buying one of my artpieces – or donate the price of a cup of coffee.

Art by Anne Olaug

This world is a but a shadow of greater things. Jesus opened a new and living way. I am excited to go and a journey to Explore Faith + Creativity with you! I love that He wants to create together with us.
– Because the Artist unfolds that which has not been seen.


You're a true artist. Better than Munch. — Karoline

I love the brushstrokes, contrasts and colors. — Elisabeth

Absolutley gorgeous! — Amy

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Artist Vincent van Gogh wrote about 900 letters in his lifetime. Many letters went to his friends and fellow artists. Most of them to his dear brother Theo, who told him to become an artist and supported him even financially. 

As an artist I also need allies, friends and art collectors. Want to connect?
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Gicleé Print | Art by Anne Olaug

Each of these images are created from my heart. They carry a story and a blessing.